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Things that Makes you Angry When Playing Video Games

Posted on May 10, 2017  in big game

Video games made our life more interesting and fun especially when we were kids.

Maybe you’re still a gamer right now. Yes, video games can be fun and exciting. But sometimes, you can’t prevent yourself from cursing the TV screen or monitor.

What makes you angry when playing video games? Find it out below!

Difficult Bosses

Have you played Dark Souls before? This game is just pure hell, trust me! Don’t try to play it unless you have to guts and patience!

Even the normal enemies are powerful enough to kill you alone. If ever you found a boss, quickly evade and run as fast as you can! Some bosses are huge, fast, and powerful, they can even kill you in a single hit. Imagine you’re close to finishing a quest, then suddenly a powerful boss comes out of nowhere and just hit you to death. How frustrating can that be?

Don’t get me started with Mike Tyson in Punch-Out. Impossible.

Uncooperative Teammates

Some gamers are being selfish when playing. They don’t care and they treat everyone as an enemy.

Teamwork is required, especially for MOBA or shooting games. And no, you can’t kill all your enemies alone unless you cheat or just insanely skilled. Don’t you love to play with these kinds of people?

Well, I do! I do love to give them a beating they’ll never forget! Just kidding.

Playing Using a Poor-Quality Gaming Desktop/Laptop

Some games can only be played through a high-end desktops or laptops.

What will happen if you try to force your poor-quality desktop to run high-quality games? Expect force closure, bad delay, and very horrible graphics! Don’t try to run high-quality games if you’re unit can’t afford to run it or you’ll be frustrated and gets into rage mode in no time.

It also applies to your controllers too. It’s just really annoying if someone beats you in a handicap match.


Lag is the reason why every gamer dies and loses. Just kidding!

Isn’t it frustrating to experience lag in the middle of the game? It definitely is! Avoid playing when your internet connection is slow or you’ll end up smashing everything you’ll find. This includes your gaming consoles or desktop!

So, there you have it fellow gamers. Do you have any other things you can share with us? If ever I missed one, feel free to share what makes you rage while playing video games! Experiencing these during a game can be very annoying, but this would make playing even more exciting or not!

Take a break. You’re playing games for too long! Here’s a dark chocolate covered marshmallow to fill you up and satisfy you before you play again and kill that annoying boss (or teammate)!


Thanks for reading!