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Posted on September 11, 2017  in mungmee games


caution symbol

With wide applications of LED grow lights by many indoor growers of Marijuana, there is the need for a management manual that can be followed to avoid problems. Just like anything else, LED lights can have some unwanted effects on your valuable Weed plants if correct precautions and care are not observed. Here is what you need to do with your LED grow lights to prevent problems.

Keep them at the correct distance

For great results, you need to keep the LED lights at around 12 to 18 inches away from the plants. If you place the lights too far away it can deprive your Weed some essential light needed in photosynthesis. But the gravest effect comes when you place it too close beyond the 12-inch minimum distance. When positioned such close, the Weed plants tend to get discolored the exact way they do when they are experiencing nutrient deficiency. The plants are more vulnerable when they are in flowering/ budding stage. But it doesn’t always mean leaf discoloration is a result of LED lights that are too close. It can be both.

Their source of power should be well maintained

Unlike other sources of light HPS which come with additional accessory to connect to the power source, LED lights are connected directly to the source of the power by plugging them directly into wall sockets. Great care needs to be taken in positioning the sockets away from the cultivation area since some activities such as irrigation can cause electrical leaks and short circuiting when water finds its way into the sockets.

Consider the manufacturer and your needs

Not just any LED grow light is an excellent LED light for your needs. If you buy and install just any LED lights without considering your specific needs, you may get into problems. In a lot of Weed growing forums, LED lights from ViparSpesctra are highly recommended. If you’re interested to read more about LED grow lights and weed growing, we highly recommend this article on how to grow weed. Should be a fast read.