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I Want to Become a Juicer for Life

Posted on 2 March, 2017  in be a juicer

I get inspired by documentaries about health and nutrition that have emphasized the importance of juicing for our health to the extent that I wanted to try my perfect smoothie creations on the big screen and to make the most of my favorite vegetables. Oh well, it’s just a dream but who knows it will come true just like in the Joe Cross film, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.   However, I’m making juicing goals come true at home and invite my family and friends to whip up my creamy, thick smoothies and have them experience the slurp for a lifetime.  All these are possible with my great personal blender. It’s my favorite kitchen tool that makes a difference on my health goals.

After I watched films about food and nutrition, I personally had a change in my lifestyle.  Learning about the magnificence of green smoothies as featured in the film Powered by Green Smoothies by Sergei Boutenko, I learned to value my fresh green harvests that I once took for granted.  Boutenko who is an adventurer, author, videographer and lover of life made me realize that the greens could transform my life for the better.

juicing creations

I was deeply inspired by the 10 ultrarunners and cross fitters who added a quart of green smoothies to their diet. The ten of them enjoyed drinking their green smoothies hoping to make a great impact on their performances.  They enjoyed the tasty leafy greens and fruits every day for six weeks.  I felt in awe knowing the fantastic results after following the whole program. This made me realize that like them, I’m also most capable of increasing my overall performance as an ordinary person and that the answer for the improvement of my health is just around the corner. There’s no need to spend thousands for my best diet. All I have to do is to make the most of the leafy greens around me and use my personal blender properly.

Watching the documentaries for health and nutrition makes me say that I want to become a juicer for life.  I know I can do it. If people in the films were able to make it, why couldn’t I? As long as I’m armed with the best personal blender and as long as I know how to create simple smoothie recipes on my own, then I have the full confidence to join the juicing world and put in the banner my smoothie creations that will be an inspiration to all!