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the great winter time

Get Rid of the Boring Winter Days

Posted on 21 April, 2017  in fight the blues


heating solution

Come winter and you will find yourself snuggling in a blanket on a chilly winter morning.  Get rid of your gloomy feeling and take off all the dull moments of the winter season. Enjoy the cold days and make the most of the long, dreary nights. As you get yourself thinking of possible things you can do to make the winter season really amazing, don’t forget to secure the warmth in your abode. Find a good bathroom heater for the money and choose the right unit for you. This is to make sure that you are kept warm while you are in the bathroom taking a shower. Install one in your shower area and feel better for the winter season.

Aside from having the best heating solution, let’s talk about better ways to fight the winter blues. The cold season should not make you feel low. The gloomy weather should not suppress your high-energy.  Don’t change your happy mood and don’t feel blue.

Get Outdoors

Feel the cold breeze while bike riding in the snow.  This activity will not just make you active but it can burn up an amazing amount of calories and will strengthen your bones, your thighs, and your core. There are many outdoor activities that you can choose from that can help you get rid of the gloomy feeling the winter brings.

Movie Marathon

If going outside isn’t a hit for you, well, you can make your stay indoors pretty cool by engaging in different activities. There are a lot of things you can do if you’re just determined to fight off the blues.  Wipe out the dull moments by having a movie marathon with your family. Feel the characters in the different inspiring films and wake up your cinematic experiences. Learn life lessons from your family’s favorites. Get along with the funny moments depicted by Jon Turteltaub in his 1993 comedy film “Cool Runnings”.   If not you can delve in the emotion-packed film by watching the harrowing story of a dogsled team in the movie “Eight Below”. Feel the intense emotion portrayed by the dogs and Paul Walker who played Jerry as the guide.

Cuddle a Book and Sip a Healthy Cup of Tea

Reading is a way of escaping the winter blues. Ride with your thoughts as to where the adventure stories will take you or get truly inspired by motivational books and share them with your family.  Having bedtime stories will make your kids enjoy the cold nights too.  While you are sipping your healthy tea you can as well prepare hot chocolate tea for your kids. Beat the cold and keep yourself warm.