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Fantastic Icebreaker Ideas in the Pool

Posted on 1 February, 2017  in mungmee games

Let’s beat the summer heat and make the splashy games in the pool. Before you take a dip, make it sure that the pool is worthy of your amazing strokes and icebreaker games. Remember if cleanliness in the pool is maintained, diseases are kept away. Of course, who would want to swim and play with debris, stains, fallen leaves and dirt? To be certain that everything is set, click here for more pool cleaner info. That’s right. An automatic pool cleaner can do you a great deal as it ensures healthy swimming and real fun in the pool.


Pool games are best icebreakers in the pool. The fun and laughter really brings excitement and break the monotony in the pool. It’s a perfect diversion of what is usual and expected. Let’s move in. Wear your best swimwear.  Keep moving and enjoy these great pool ideas.  Let’s have fun in the water all day long!

Hula Hoop Water Balloon Toss

It is one of the fantastic water balloon games. All you need is a hula hoop and filled water balloons. Assign one player to hold the hula hoop. Players find it so much fun as they take turns tossing the water balloons through the hoop.

Volleyball in the Water

It’s really fun and exciting. The tossing of the volleyball and the earning of points really make the excitement. The running to catch the ball is so much fun.

Chicken Pool Game

This is a funny exciting game. Choose a leader that would act out funny situations such as facial expressions, and funny actions. The players will imitate or copy exactly what the leader is doing. If a player doesn’t copy it well, the players will get a C of the word CHICKEN. Now, if the players have collected all the letters to spell CHICKEN. All of them will get out of the water and perform the chicken dance and they will dive into the pool.

Build a Sailboat

Provide the needed materials and have the kids make their paper sailboats. When they are done, let the kids put their boats in the pool. The sailboats must have straws in it and decide which sailboat made it across the water.


These icebreakers in the pool make the sparkling swimming pool a perfect hang out with family and friends.  However, you have to be extra careful when playing in the water. The kids must be closely monitored. You should be accountable for your own safety. You should be responsible for your kids.